Campaigns Have Done Successfully
(+165 This Week)


Campaigns Have Done Successfully (+165 This Week)

Advertising On Telegram Channels

It's based on clicks, and you will pay for what you get, not for hours.

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As an advertiser, you can promote your products or services on telegram channels which they are waiting to publish your ads on their channels.

415 Channels to Choose From

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As a telegram channel owner, you can earn a good amount of money from your channel by displaying advertising posts on your channel.

188 Active Advertisers

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A categorized list of 16,223 Telegram channels by languages.

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What Users Say About Our Services

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Benjamin Gorski

Very easy platform to use, and is legitimate. I like the simplicity and the features. Would recommend it for anyone looking to advertise on Telegram.


I think Adsly is the best telegram advertising platform I've ever seen

Mattew Silva

Very good platform! But could add the option to add bots to be monetized. I myself have 6+ bots with thousands of users ready to be monetized.

Joy Biswas

Started using adsly few days back as a publisher, they are paying a decent amount for ad click. Big ups.

Adsly is an advertising network that makes the process of advertising on Telegram channels simple, fast and reliable.