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Add your channel to the website and be ready to receive ad requests from advertisers!

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As a telegram channel owner, you can earn a good amount of money from your channel by displaying advertising posts on your channel. Everything is automated, and you will approve the ads before publishing them on your channel!

How It Works

Just add your channel to the website and wait for ad requests. That's it!

You add your channel to the website with the click price and your channel will be reviewed and approved for display to our advertisers.


We will send you the advertising requests that the Adsly advertisers have requested from us.

You as a publisher will receive a message from Adsly (@adslybot) with maximum budget and clicks info. Then you have 24 hours to accept or reject the request.


After accepting the ad, we will automatically publish it on your channel through the bot. If the clicks are over or 24 hours have passed, we will delete the ad post.


We will calculate valid clicks, generate a report, and top up your account based on the number of valid clicks and the click price. (Clicks are unique to each user)

Which Payment Methods Are Available For Withdrawal?

Currently, PAYEER, USDT TRC20, USDT BEP20, and BUSD BEP20 are available. We try to add more methods soon.

2024-06-16 15:07:17 | PAYEER $100.00
Withdrawn by Cry***
2024-06-16 15:06:56 | PAYEER $155.81
Withdrawn by Cha***
2024-06-16 13:00:11 | PAYEER $10.00
Withdrawn by Sil***
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