Telegram Advertisers

Advertise Your Product on Telegram Channels

Create your ad, select channels you want to advertise on them, and start your campaign.

Become an Advertiser

Advertise on Channels You Want with Custom Budget

As an advertiser, you can promote your products or services on Telegram channels which are waiting to publish your ads on their channels. You will pay based on clicks, and will select the channels you want to advertise on it, yourself!

Protect Your Ads

We use 15+ algorithms and 2 third-party services to protect your ads from fraud.


Advertise By Location

You will see the top 2 countries of channel subscribers if possible.


Pay For What You Get

Protect your money by paying for valid clicks, not views or hours!

How It Works

Deposit, create an Ad, and select a channel to create a campaign!


Deposit your account and create an ad, then create a campaign by selecting the channel you want to post your ad on it.

We will ask the channel owner to allow us to post your ad on the channel. The channel owner can accept or reject our request.

(If rejected, the advertiser can update the campaign with a higher budget, depending on the reason of the rejection.)

We will post your ad to the desired channel automatically. If the budget runs out or 24 hours have passed, we will delete the ad post from the channel.

We will calculate valid clicks, generate a report, and charge your account based on the number of valid clicks and the click price.
If a campaign clicks cost was less than $1 we will calculate views cost as well (max $2). (All remaining amounts of the campaign's locked budget will be released.)

There is no minimum cost for the campaign. :)

Which Payment Methods Are Available For Deposit?

Currently, PAYEER, CRYPTOCURRENCIES and ADVCASH are available. We are trying to add more options soon.

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